Winter Skin: Woes to Wonders

The mercury has dipped a notch or two. There’s a nip in the air. There is a manic scramble to air and sun the hitherto packed warm clothes from last year. It’s that time of the year! The time of Book Fairs, Handicrafts Fair, fete… leisurely walks around New Market, arranging picnics with family and friends, musical soirees, hanging up Christmas decorations et cetera et cetera. But it is also the time for skin woes. Winter skin woes to be exact.

Decades back when the skin was supple glowing and dewy soft, skincare was almost an alien word. I remember Ma would literally beg me to put on some milk and flour or curd and besan on my face and I would keep jumping up and down and run hither thither to evade what I considered to be sheer torture. Now, having crossed the fabled 40’s line, I realize that I probably should have been more regular about that skin care regime which I took great cares to evade.

On those days, one lotion would suffice for all skincare needs, and there weren’t numerous lotions and potions available for the various parts of anatomy, to say! A bottle of Tuhina or Basanta Malati would be good enough for the hands and face and for the cracked heels there were always some glycerin and Vaseline which Ma-s and Mashis used and of which we had no need.

Now, when we have access to the Olays, the Clarins, the Body Shops meant particularly for facial skins, we have lost that supple wrinkle free skin. When we have the specific hand cream or the foot creams; we are too tired to use them.

But since the fleeting yet so-looked forward to, glorious Kolkata winter is almost upon us, and the tell-tale signs are all gradually creeping in – the chapped lips, dry skins, cracked heels etc!  I, for one have always been the last to wake up to adapting to a skin care routine. Thus, I thought this time I will be forewarned and forearmed this winter, and share the same quick and easy DIY tips for glowing skin with all.

I spoke to several experts as to what would be their Winter Skin Care tips. Curated from the expert advice of those generous souls, here is a six-point care regime for all those aspiring to have glowing skin this winter.

  • Moisturize More – Move on to an oil based moisturizer from the water based one that you have been using during the scorching months.
  • Sun Screen Yourself – Apply sun screen at least 30 minutes before you are slated to step out. Use a higher Sun Protection Factor during winter.
  • Handle your Hands – The skin on our hands are thinner than most part of our body and has lesser number of oil glands. So, it tends to dry more easily. Carry a good quality hand cream in your bag and use abundantly, at least 3 to 4 times during the course of the day.
  • Face Care – The chemical peels promising great results should be avoided during winter months. Avoid using alcohol based toners and instead use an oil based cleansing milk.
  • Not so-hot water baths -  We know that the hot water baths feel absolutely awesome during the winter chills, but turning on the heat too much would be a folly. Instead use lukewarm water with oatmeal or baking soda.
  • Supple Soft Skin – soak oatmeal or baking soda in a tub of lukewarm water and have a bath with that.

I personally have always loved a concoction of rose water, glycerin and a drop or two of lime mixed and preserved in a bottle to be used as a mild moisturizer for the whole body for many years now. Here is a face pack and another face scrub that I wholeheartedly endorse:

  • Winter Face Pack -Take a bowl and mix one tablespoon fresh cream, one tablespoon honey. Mix well and apply this on a cleansed face. Keep it on for 10 minutes and wash it off with lukewarm water. Pat dry to find a skin you will love!
  • Sugar Face Scrub - Take a tablespoon of brown sugar, a teaspoon of refined salt, a tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil. Mix these ingredients and use it as a scrub while having bath.

Therefore, all You beautiful people, start these easy-peasy home-based skin rejuvenating tricks to have a glowing skin when you usher the year ahead. Here’s wishing you a skin fresh as dewdrop, petal-soft and glowing! Be the cynosure of all eyes but most importantly… love the skin you are in!

Till then

Love and Light