Cut to 2016. January

I am late and entering the office.
Phone rings. I am about to swipe in the card, but go out of the reception area.

Purba : Shon, I need a break. 
(Important to tell the readers that she had just come back from abroad a couple of months back)
Me : Me too! 
(I am like Saif, from DCH. Don't generally say no to friends)
Purba : Kothao chol(lets go somewhere), anywhere.
Me : Shantinikettan jabi?
Purba : Ja parish kor. Kaal-i chol
Me : Kaal hobe na. Office ache. Porshu. Achha Kal-i .

We simply took off for Shantiniketan with two small kids the next day. One of our classmates arranged for our stay in a quaint place called Raktokorobi Karugram.

The world was different then. It was sunny, windy and full of cheer. We could go wherever we wanted and whenever we wanted. That there could be a word called a pandemic was only known in literary contexts. Covid 19 did not exist in our world.

It was a moonlit night. Sitting in the chilling wind, on the open terrace, where vision seemed to spread till eternity, Purba said - Kichu likhbi?

Thus was planted the seeds of the blog, Kolkata Colloquy, which we all wrote in. Samhita, Purba & I.

Those who know us need no introduction. However, those who don't, ( the probability of people unbeknownest to us reading this also is bizarre, but still...). All three of us go back to school, Patha Bhavan and have remained friends till date. Kinda watered version of DCH...

Plenty of phone calls later, the blog was formed, and we wrote whatever our heart desired. We rambled on randomly, and then Purba and I became a little engrossed in our work, as did Samhita. Writing for us became commercialized, and it kind of started drying up.

We lost our domain, which btw, now costs about 30k and is a premium one, but what the heck! One fine day, we just woke up, like Rip Van Winkle and decided to restart the blog.

I have discovered in these last few years that I know very little. In fact, come to think of us, all three know not much.
But here's our blog back, and thank you to all those who had kept us asking about it and even remember us by.

We will keep writing and will let you know. Do keep reading us too!.


Till then, Love and light

Sudarshana on behalf of Purba & Samhita